Children Oral Care Tips

Make Tooth Brushing a Good Habit!

Your child’s first year is the phase during which their first teeth will come through the gums, around six to eight months of age. These first milk teeth have thinner enamel than permanent teeth and can be more susceptible to decay.

Children of this age group should not be given bottles of juice or other sugary drinks between meals and at night, to ensure that their milk teeth are protected from damage.

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Ensuring that good tooth brushing habits are established before a child reaches the age of one can significantly improve a child’s dental health at the toddler ages of three and five. It is therefore important to start brushing once the very first tooth appears.

Tooth brushing can be made fun and interesting for infants whilst the parent brushes their teeth. The Jordan 0-2 baby toothbrush has been designed with just this in mind.

Sailva also serves to protect teeth, but less saliva is produced during the night and protection is therefore reduced. Having a bottle filled with anything other than water by the children’s bed at night is not a good idea.

Jordan 0-2 years is a toothbrush, toy and teething ring all in one!

Protecting teeth from an early age from dental decay and disease can prevent pain and suffering, and costly treatment later on. Teeth are for life!

Good Advice

  • Get your child accustomed to the toothbrush before the first teeth emerge.
  • Start brushing as soon as the first tooth has come through
  • Use a soft toothbrush
  • Use a barely visible amount of low fluoride toothpaste
  • Brush twice a day
  • A teething ring can reduce the discomfort when the teeth are coming through
  • Use water as a thirst quenching drink between meals
  • To help you brush your child’s teeth, click here to learn how to correctly brush your child’s very first tooth.
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