Children Oral Care Tips

Make Tooth Brushing a Good Habit!

Make Tooth Brushing a Good Habit!

Your child’s first year is the phase during which their first teeth will come through the gums, around six to eight months of age. Read more ❯

How to brush baby's first teeth?

Tooth brushing can be made fun and interesting for infants whilst the parent brushes their teeth. Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush for baby age 0-2 has been designed with just this in mind. Watch video. Read more ❯

taking my baby to the dentist

When should I start taking my baby to the dentist?

A child can visit a dentist as soon as his or her first tooth appears, but at least no later than their first birthday. Read more ❯

How else can I protect my child's teeth?

The main cause of tooth decay in babies is from liquid (milk or juice) and snacks left to sit on the teeth for prolonged periods of time. It’s best to drink milk at mealtimes and offer water regularly through the day. Read more ❯

Baby first tooth

Your child’s first tooth arrives – which toothbrush should I buy?

The actual time at which the first tooth arrives can vary widely between individual children, but parents need to start brushing their child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. Read more ❯

Where to buy?

This blog offers general guidance on children dental health. Jordan Step 1 baby toothbrush is multi-award winner. Jordan is a Scandinavian brand that has been caring for people’s teeth since 1927.